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  • Marcus Torres

Embarrassed: A Moment in Time From Three Different Perspectives



Embarrassed... Totally and utterly embarrassed… Have you ever had a friend do something so dumb that you receive second-hand embarrassment and just become speechless?

My best friend Jax is quite intelligent when it comes to academics. He is seriously clueless when it comes to social skills and linguistic intelligence. Not too long ago, Jax texted a girl he was interested in, Angelina. Much to my disappointment, his first move was to send her several inappropriate compliments. I’m not going to lie, that conversation was downright creepy. Jax then proceeded to send her many cheesy pick-up lines. If I recall correctly, he texted something along the lines of, “Was your mother a beaver? Because damn!”. Sheesh! I’m receiving second-hand embarrassment just by telling the story! Based on her one-worded responses, it should have been obvious and a no-brainer that the girl wasn’t interested. Anyway, he then asked her out to lunch, and she responded with the classic line: “Sorry, I’m busy this weekend.” Present-day, my poor friend Jax is still fumbling over the fact he messed up his chance with Angelina.



Disturbed…completely disturbed…this is how I’m feeling. Have you ever had a scrawny boy crush on you, and you just felt no attraction towards him at all? A couple of days ago, that boy just kept texting me and wouldn’t stop. In all honesty, I probably would have given him a chance if he came off as less clingy. Not to mention, those terrible pick-up lines just came off as downright creepy. The worst thing about the entire situation was the fact that he wouldn’t stop, even after I told him to. How more obvious and straightforward can I be? I do not look forward to school tomorrow. If he walks up to me I’m probably just going to ignore him or something. I just really couldn’t care less.



Messed up… I messed up, big time. A couple of days ago, I got rejected by a girl in my class. She has silky brown shoulder-length hair that glowed softly in the sunlight. Her eyes a hazel brown, with flecks of gold, sparkling whenever our eyes make contact. Her name is Angelina, and I ruined my chance with her. My best friend keeps trying to provide comfort but I know that it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have been so desperate and clingy. My friend gave me advice and I didn’t listen. I guess the moral of my story is to listen to my friends and to think before you speak.


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