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  • Marcus Torres

M.A.T.H. – A Poem


by: Marcus Torres

The class we have first

Is packed with math work

I don’t want to see

Like an adverse advert

It gets mad worse as this is packed

With the fact that my back hurts

How am I supposed to get A’s?

With headaches and neck pains

Success rate is dead weight

Math skills sub par and hell waits

I’m far from my best days

Got bars like a cellmate

I’m quite confined and my minds suppressed

I am not a pirate so why would I find the X

I’m distressed

How can I define this mess?

When my patience running shorter than the math acronym

Mental Abuse To Humans happens

When I’m back in class again

That trigonometry

Got me triggered often please

I rather get co-signed

Than learn about cosine


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