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Student Food Recipes: Potato Fish Cakes!

With hectic schedules and limited culinary knowledge, you, too, can learn how to cook simple and appetizing recipes! First off, I am someone who cannot cook. Why should I learn a recipe from this inexperienced clown, you ask? Well, what I’m saying is that I’m a complete beginner. This is a learning experience for me, just as much as it is for you. So if I can do it, then you definitely can.

Today’s recipe is: Potato Fish Cakes!

For this particular dish, I use Christina’s Conte’s recipe from her blog, “Easy, Step by Step Potato and Salmon Fish Cakes (Salmon Patties)”, which you can find here. This recipe estimates a serving of two, and so I usually add more than the set amount so it can make enough for three people.


Main ingredients

  • 1 egg

  • 2 cups of mashed potatoes

  • A splash of milk

  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt

  • 1/2 teaspoon of pepper

  • Fish (salmon)

  • Olive oil

Ingredients for coating mixture

  • 1 egg

  • 1 tablespoon of water

  • 1 cup of breadcrumbs



1. Put the mashed potatoes, salmon, egg, salt, pepper and parsley together in a bowl.

I recommend using a large mixing bowl for this step. Personally, I don’t care much for parsley so I don’t add it. Also, you can use a different kind of fish but salmon is the preferred choice. I experimented with making tuna and salmon tuna in the potato salmon cakes.

2. Mix all the ingredients together using a fork to break up the fish, then form into patties.

I mixed until all the ingredients are properly blended together. Then, I use approximately a handful and half of the mixture to create the patties. A flat, disc-like shape is what you should aim for.

3. Dip patties into beaten egg, using a brush to coat them evenly. (Refrigerate first if the cakes are too soft.) Then coat in the breadcrumbs.

You can prepare the egg mixture before or after forming the patties, it doesn’t matter either way. I actually didn’t realize the instructions said to use a brush until now. All I did was dip the patties on both sides and that seemed to work, so don’t worry if you don’t have a brush. Also, I refrigerated for my second attempt but it was just as soft as the unrefrigerated first attempt. It may need to go in the freezer for it to harden better.

4. Place on baking sheet and continue until the remaining mixture is finished.

I usually make around 8-12, depending on how much mashed potatoes I have.

Patties of varying sizes.

5. Fry gently over medium heat until golden brown on both sides, adding oil as needed.

Use a large pan for this step. I try to stuff as many patties as I can onto the pan, which is about 5-6. I am also quite generous with the amount of oil I use, mainly because I like hearing the sizzling noise it makes. Though, I don’t recommend using too much.

6. Place on paper-towel lined sheet to absorb the excess oil. Serve as desired.

This is another instruction my brain did not seem to process at all. I just tossed the patties from the pan straight onto a plate, then served.

Verdict: 7/10

The potato fish cakes are tasty, though quite crumbly. They can be eaten in various ways: on its own, in a wrap, or between bread. Personally, I think the cakes go well with a bit of ketchup. The overall preparation time takes about 15 mins and the cooking is approximately 10-15 mins, but it all depends on how much of the ingredients you use. All in all, this recipe is a fairly inexpensive and easy-to-make dish, and I recommend you try to make it!


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