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The Sounds of EDC Primiere — an Exclusive Interview

Being famous is certainly challenging, not everyone has the skills to make it. However, Marius Pleil, better known by his stage name EDC Primiere, is certainly on the rise. Being only a ninth grade student at WISS, EDC Primiere has over 2000 followers on Instagram, and more than 63k listeners on Spotify.

We are proud to announce that The Sapphire had an opportunity to interview EDC Primiere.

The Interview (Left to Right: Sara Choi, Marius Pleil/EDC Primiere) [Slideshow]


Is this your first interview?


When did you start making music?

I always made music when I was younger, I didn’t record it. But recording in a studio, I started that 4 years back.

How old are you now?

I’m fifteen, basically, I started recording since I was eleven.

How did you come up with your stage name ‘EDC Primiere’?

It’s actually a funny story, I was in grade six, I needed an artist name for a project, so on the spot, I just said ‘EDC Primiere’. EDC means electric dance composition, and Primiere, is the Italian word for like prime or pristine. It’s pretty random, there’s no, like, deeper meaning behind it.

What was it that hooked you into the music industry/producing music?

Honestly, it was because of other artists, like, Elvis Presley, who is my biggest inspiration, David Bowie, Aphex Twin, these people that I saw on YouTube, I was like, okay, I want to do this.

How would you describe the music you produce/create?

It’s hard to explain, because I make my music with the intention of other people discovering their own meanings through it. For themselves. Whatever it may be that they feel through my songs, so I guess, meaningful, vibrant.

So, you yourself don’t have any meaning or intent behind your work? Is it really only dependent on your audience?

I mean, I guess I have somewhat of a vision, my intent is kind of like to make people feel less alone, if they’re going through a hard time, they could relate to my songs, they can just like, vibe to it. You know, feel better.

Is there anything in particular that inspires your music?

Oh yeah, emotions. Emotions and visuals, pictures, like, sometimes, if I feel uninspired, I just go on Google, and search up like, you know like landscapes, or something, and I just write a song about it.

How has your background influenced your music, as a WISS student, or as a foreigner living in Shanghai?

I guess like, meeting new people, finding new music, and stuff, also influences my style, and I don’t know, honestly, I can’t tell how my background has influenced my music. But oh yeah, I guess being in Austria, it’s completely different than Shanghai. There were all these groups back in Austria, and I was never in one of those groups, I always felt like an outsider. So, I started to explore music.

Who are your role models?

Well, I got into music because of Elvis Presley, so he’s one of my role models. Michael Jackson, it’s not the type of music I make, but they’re what inspired me to produce music. Electronic music, Aphex twin, Charlotte de Witte, Lil peep, and yeah.

If you had the opportunity to collaborate with any of the role models you just mentioned, who would it be? Why?

If he was still alive, it would be Lil peep. I just love Lil peep, and I guess Aphex twin, because he has a very unique way of making music and just like the way his music sounds is unique. Collaborating with him, sharing ideas and stuff, would be super cool, and I would be curious of what musical masterpiece we would come up with.

What’s your favorite song or album?

Oof, I guess the album I spend, my favorite would be the newest one, ‘People from Yesterday’ because it’s like, it’s the highest quality of production, I’ve made so far. Also, because it’s full of meaning and emotion.

How do you know when a song is ‘complete’?

I guess, if it just meets the vibe, if it brings through a message, if it just sounds pleasant. Honestly, it’s this feeling you get when it’s complete. When I go like ‘Okay, there’s nothing I can add, Imma release it’.

What advice would you give your younger self, when you first started producing music?

I was always struggling, and I gave up really easily, just don’t give up, and keep going, keep heading for your dream. Pretty cheesy, but yeah.

All of EDC Primiere's music can be found on Spotify.


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